Olena Hindseth

Booking manager

Olena moved to Longyearbyen five years ago for its enticing combination of peace, community and adventure. She has been working at Gjestehuset 102 the last three years, making this place even more friendly and cosier. If you need help, have any questions, or insolvable situations she will be right person to contact and count on her experience!

Thongroi Tantha

Breakfast manager and housekeeper

We are having happier breakfasts in Gjestehuset 102 since 2008, when Thong moved up to Longyearbyen and became a part of our team, doing housekeeping and preparing breakfast. Since then, our place is perfectly clean all year-round, and every single morning we can guarantee our guests they will get the kindest greetings from Thongroi while they are enjoying breakfast.

Phonchai Choedchu

Maintenance and housekeeping

Since 2014, Phonchai has been giving us a helpful hand maintaining the building and he also works out as a housekeeper. Phonchai is doing an amazing job that makes us feel pleased and proud that he is a part of Gjestehuset 102 Team.

Pimjai Jitmoma


Pimjai came from the northern part of Thailand with many dreams that have been already fulfilled. She first joined us as a cleaner and helped us making the breakfast as well. Then she became a receptionist and learned how to welcome and serve our guests, so now you will find Pim at the front desk of Gjestehuset 102 and you can be sure that she will gladly assist you.

Janet Patrimonio


Janet has been a  part of our team since April of 2016. She is one of our receptionists, but she started as a cleaner and also helped us on preparing the breakfast at the beginning. We must confess Janet is well known as the friendliest Philippine in town, and no doubt she will be sharing all her knowledge and experience about this place with our guests.