FatBike Spitsbergen – Cycle tour to Endalen and mine. LET’S BIKE THE ARCTIC!

Overview: Easy ride.

An arctic panoramic bike tour, where you will explore gravel roads towards mine 5, while you pedal, you learn and understand the beauty and the peace, plus the calm added to the danger, between the silence and the noisy memories saved in every corner.

The ride starts at the hotel in and follows the route to the right which takes us to Adventdalen, passing by the dog kennels surrounded by flocks of barnacle geese during the summer. Straight away you will find one of the famous and favourite spots with the polar bear sign.
Afterwards you will learn what happened in Svalbard during the second World War, the history of the coal mining industry, geology, flora and wildlife. There is also a chance for you to try the bike aside the river, if you want to pedal alone and speed up a little bit more.

Later you visit the wreckage and remains from and old “Luftwaffe” aircraft, heading to Endalen, observing how the coal transport system worked in previous years.
You will be taken to the spot we call “Svalbard’s only forest” on the tundra and then finally you get to the special relic of Mine 5, ready to start your way back to Longyearbyen.

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