Kayak tour in Billefjorden

Kayaking takes your arctic experience to a truly deep connection with the nature.
Sea life will join you on your trip across the fjords, and you could find the puffins, ducks, gulls, flying close to you, during the summer when migratory birds return to breed. Furthermore, we must remember the possibility of finding reindeer, seals, whales, dolphins, walrus, and polar bears!
Billefjorden shows off the beauty of this land, bare rocks, glaciers, greenish valleys, snow and ice, where the huge wall of a glacier can speak by itself and due to its colours, you find out where it has been calving, reflecting past and present climate.
There is also a lot of history in every single cultural remain, and the sparse vegetation and small picturesque flowers decorating the tundra, makes you discover a unique charm on the arctic flora.
When the sea is flat and calm, you can get the feeling you are kayaking in sky surrounded by clouds. This trip is focused on exploration and discovery wildlife watching, awe-inspiring sceneries that will always be framed in your memory.

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